Everything You Should Know about Online Teen Patti by Ezugi

The live casino games are becoming ever more popular among gamblers, now you can play games with real dealers and in real-time from your own home! The poker boom in Asia, which began in the last few years, has some local flavor like the use of the game formats unusual for Europeans and Americans.

We want to introduce you to another Asian invention called Teen Patti or simply "Three Cards". The birthplace of this game is India. The second name of Teen Patti is Flash. Throughout the 20th century, it was one of the main family card games in the country, especially during the five—day festival of lights-Diwali. It is believed that Teen Patti originated from the British card game Brag. Subsequently, the "Three Cards" spread to private gaming clubs in Goa and Mumbai, and with migrants from India — throughout Southeast Asia. In 2010, a film of the same name was even shot in Bollywood, which attracted interest in Teen Patti all over the world and its appearance on the Internet.

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Rules of Teen Patti

• 52-card deck without Jokers is used for the game;

• Number of players at the table: from 3 to 6 players;

• You can play against each other for a pot of against the house;

•  When playing antes only this game offers a theoretical RTP of 96,63%;

•  The pair or better side bet offers an RTP of 95,5% and the 3 + 3 bonus side bet 91,44%.

•  Each player gets three cards which they need to make a hand with;

•  Every player can decide to play or fold with their hand;

•  The party with the best combinations wins;

The dealer distributes three cards clockwise to every player. The players put ante. After that, a trade takes place (the number of trade rounds is not limited) and according to its results, the player with the strongest combination or the one remaining in the pot wins.


Teen Patti: combinations

The combinations in Teen Patti are arranged as follows:

 • Trail or set -three cards of the same value;

• Pure sequence or straight - three consecutive cards, for example, AKQ. There is a combination A23: the ace plays the role of the highest card in it, and it will be stronger than all combinations without it;

• Color or flash — three cards of the same suit;

• Pair;

• The highest card.


Teen Patti: the trading process

The player sitting to the left of the dealer makes the first bet. The amount of bets in Teen Patti depends on the player's status. They are of two types of bets: blind player and seen player. At any time of the game, the player can look at his cards.

·        Blind player— if the same player is sitting in front of him, then to participate in the draw, he must bet an amount equal to the current bet, or increase it, but not more than twice, and if the Seen player is sitting in front, then he must bet from half to the whole of the current bet;

·        Seen player— to participate in the draw, he must place a bet 2 or 4 times higher than the previous one, if a blind player made a bet in front of him, but if the same player is sitting in front of him, then the size of his bet must be equal to the current one or twice as large as it.


The trading process continues until there are only one or two players left in the draw, and one of them makes a bet for the showdown. The stronger combination wins. If the players' hands are equal in strength, then the one who requested an autopsy loses. If one of the two players left in the pot is playing blind, then only he can request an autopsy.

In the process of trading, the so-called "compromise" is also possible. Any of the players, in turn, can offer the opponent sitting in front of him to look at each other's cards for a double bet. If the opponent accepts the "compromise", the player with the weaker hand leaves the game. If both hands are equal in strength, then the one who proposed the "compromise" discards the cards. Teen Patti also has restrictions on the maximum bet size (it is equal to 128 initial bets) and the maximum size of the entire pot (it is equal to 1024 initial bets).


Different Teen Patti versions

With Joker. Moreover, there can be many variants of the Joker:

• specific card;

• AK47;

• the highest card of the three in the hands;

• the lowest of the three cards in the hands;

• King Little - jokers are all kings and the smallest card on hand.

Muflis is a Teen Patti variation when the weakest combination wins.

999 — all cards have a digital value: T-K-zero, Ace-1, all other cards have the same value as the dignity. The winner is the combination whose cards form a larger three-digit number, that is, three nines — the strongest hand.


Live Tenn Patti

Teen Patti is a simplified version of Poker, also known as Flash, Flush, Three Card Brag, or Three Card Poker.

Playing Live Teen Patti in a live casino, you will play against the house, meaning, against the dealer. You can place side bets to increase the excitement and winnings. Side bets pay additional winnings for certain winning combinations such as pairs and sequences.

Live Teen Patti at Winown Casinois an online version of your favorite game. You can enjoy it 24/7, from any corner of the world. All you need is a device and a stable internet connection.

Play Live Tenn Patti for real money

Currently, there is only one game provider that offers a live version of Teen Patti in English and Hindi. Ezugi is a leading developer of live casinos. Enjoy Live Teen Patti broadcasted from their state-of-the-art game studio in Romania.

While playing Live Teen Patti by Ezugi you will enjoy communication with a friendly real-life dealer. Simply start up the game and follow all the action through a live HD-video connection. In addition to this, you will hear the dealer and you can chat with the dealer and other players.

Ezugi is part of the legendary Evolution Gaming Group. Although, Ezugi still operates as an independent company. Currently, Ezugi offers over 20 different live casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Andar Bahar Live, Poker, Teen Patti Live, and many more. Ezugi broadcasts its games from posh studios in Romania, Belgium, and Costa Rica. Their dealers speak various languages including English, Hindi, Spanish and Turkish. One of the unique features of Ezugi games is that you can request live music at any time you want.


How to play a round of Live Teen Patti?

Live Teen Patti by Ezugi is an exciting game offering a real land-based casino atmosphere. Rules are very simple, even novice gamblers can understand them:

1.            Place your main bet. You can also place side bets in Live Teen Patti by Ezugi;

2.            The dealer will deal three cards face up for the player and three-card face down for the dealer;

3.            You can decide whether you want to play or fold. If you fold you will lose your main bet (ante). When you want to play you will need to double up your ante. The side bets will stay whether you play or fold;

4.            The dealer needs to qualify for the round with a Queen or higher. If the dealer doesn’t qualify the player automatically wins the round;

5.            When the dealer does qualify both hands will be compared. The best combination wins the game;


Live Teen Patti: Bet Options & Payout

Live Teen Patti by Ezugi offers the following betting options:

Standard Teen Patti bet options




Ante Bonus

Straight Flush or higher5:1

Three of a kind4:1



Side Bets payout:

Pair or Better

Mini Royal100:1

Straight Flush40:1

Three of a kind30:1






3+3 Bonus

Royal Flush1000:1

Straight Flush200:1

Four of a kind100:1

Full House20:1



Three of a kind7:1



Live Teen Patti: best hands

During any round of Live Teen Patti by Ezugi, you will need to make the best combination possible using your three cards. Those combinations are very similar to the ones during Poker. That's the main reason why many people refer to this game as a 3 Card Poker. Below I will explain the combinations from best to worst.


1.            Trail (Set): the best hand you can have during Teen Patti is a trail. During Poker you will call this a set. A trail consists of three of the same cards. For example; Three aces or three nines.

2.            Pure Sequence: you have a pure sequence when you have a royal flush in poker. So, the card needs to be to the deck and the same suit. For example; A 7, 8, and 9 of diamonds. A sequence with Ace high is the best. A sequence with Ace, 2, and 3 is also possible, and even the second-best sequence.

3.            Sequence: a street but not of the same suit. For example, Ace of Diamonds, a 2 of Spades, and a 3 of Clovers.

4.            Colour (Flush): this means you have three cards of the same suit. For example a 3,6 and 9 of Hearts. In Poker you would call this a flush.

5.            Pair: the second worst combination is a pair. For example two Aces or two Nines. The higher your card, the better the pair. A pair of Kings wins over a pair of Tens.

6.            High Card: The worst hand which you can have is a high card. This happens when you have none of the previous combinations. A high card Ace wins from a high card Queen for example.



Side Bets atLive Teen Patti

As mentioned before, you will also have additional betting options during Live Teen Patti by Ezugi. They are called side bets. In most cases, you will have two options, pair or better or 3 + 3 bonus. You will win the first side bet when you hit a better pair with your own initial three cards. This comes down to anything better than a high card. For example a pair, sequence, or trail. When you win this side bet you will be paid according to the paytable. A pair will be paid 1 to 1. Better combinations will get you better prizes. A flush pays 3 to 1, a straight 6 to 1, and a three of a kind 30 to 1. On top of this, a straight flush pays 40 to 1 and a royal flush even 200 to 1.

When you place a bet on the 3 + 3 bonus you will need to make the best combination possible using your cards and the ones of the dealer. Depending on the strength of the hand you can win interesting multipliers.


3 + 3 bonus outcomes:


•             Royal Flush: although such a combination is very rare, you can win 1000 to 1. You will need 10 to Ace of the same suit between your and the dealers' cards. For example Ten to Ace all Hearts.

•             Straight Flush: also very hard to hit. You will need a straight of the same suit. For example; 3,4,5,6 and 7 of Spades. This pays 200 to 1.

•             Four of a Kind: When you hit for of the same symbols you will be paid 40 to 1.

•             Full House: get a three of a kind and a pair. For example; Three Aces and two Tens. This pays 25 to 1.

•             Flush: get five cards of the same suit. For example; A 2, 4, 8, Queen and Ace of Clovers.

•             Straight: a straight appears when you get five consecutive cards. For example; 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King. This pays 10 to 1.

•             Three of a Kind: three or the cards of the same value will get you 5 to 1. For example Three Jacks.


Useful Tips

Below are some useful tips while playing Teen Patti:

•             It is recommended to only play hands with Queen + 6 + 4 or higher.

•             If you are looking to win money then the side bets are not recommended. You should only use them when playing for pure entertainment purposes.


Live Teen Patti: Key Benefits to Players

Teen Patti is a unique authentic game with several important benefits like:


·        Available 24/7

·        Unique concept

·        Available on Desktop and Mobile

·        Unlimited number of players

·        Fair payouts on the side bets, especially 3+3 Bonus

·        Includes 8 side bets

·        The estimated RTP rate for Teen Patti is 96.63%, excluding the side bets

·        Available in several languages, mostly for Indian players

·        Dealer tipping



Teen Patti by Ezugi offers players the chance to take part in the exciting gambling and is a great way to spend the evening.

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